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The EMPEarthling is a legendary warrior from the mysterious village of North, Connecticut. After many years of training he has mastered the power of the devastating EMP blast. The EMP blast is a blast so powerful that even the start up motion destroys planets. This ability has been used by numerous powerful heroes and villains, including Kid Buu, Goku (a different version), and many others. So after discovering this skill the warrior went on a long and perilous training regiment. All day the hero would procrastinate homework and play video games. After many, many, many years of training the hero finally perfected this skill. Threatening the heavens with his newfound power the EMPearthling was awarded Godship and resides among the other celebrated Gods.

After becoming a god the The EMPEarthling has many favored many things. These things include all technology and especially video games. All heros who worship this God must have vast knowledge of games. If they do not they must adventure and grow nonstop until the hero discovers the true meaning of being a great gamer.