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Pets of Godville
Dust bunny
Class: Reptile in parts
Habitat: Deserts and dark corners
Description: Rabbit-like Lizards
Tameable at levels: 4–32

The Dust Bunny (Sylvilagus pulvis "dust rabbit") is a tamable monster commonly found in the arid areas of Godville.

Wild Dust Bunnies

Although Dust Bunnies are one of the more common pets, they are very formidable in battle. Dust Bunnies often murder for the pleasure it brings them. Their leathery skin provides excellent defense and their razor-like claws can severely mutilate an opponent with just a few thrashes.

Their natural habitat is the desert, where they are the fourth most dangerous predator. This environment has given them their name; the sarcastic 'dust' bunny. Some heroes attempt to tame this wild beast after experiencing tough battle with it. Those that are successful, find that a pet Dust Bunny can be extremely helpful in battle and as a companion.


  • Natural defense and offense
  • Can survive harsh heat and low moisture environments
  • Very agile and high stamina
  • Extremely brave
  • Quick and sharp wit


  • Has no fur, so cold temperature may kill it
  • Claws can't cut through metal. In fact, they might break
  • Too playful for its own good
  • give it a carrot and it will surrender to you

Pet Dust Bunnies

As pets, Dust bunnies are loving, and caring, they are the best pets ever! (Do not leave alone with small children!)

14:22 Shelby roared loudly and charged at the Chupacabra, but stumbled and fell. Yes, that's definitely my dust bunny.

A weird interaction has been found between the wiki information and the game dialogs, the wiki stating that dust bunnies have no fur, and the game ocasionally leaving a diary entrance where it's stated they have fur:

15:49 Aware of the health benefits he offers, Felix carefully rubbed against me with his soft fur.

16: 00 Trying to pick the dust bunny fur off his armor...

06:40 PM Frantically rubbed my fingers in Pumba's fur, generating static electricity. Fear me and my shocking powers!

They also have a barrel of brandy around their necks. Probably to survive the area they live in.

05:58 PM Desperately thirsty, I drank some brandy from the tiny barrel around Pumba's neck. How have I never noticed that before?