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The Dungeon Forge is unlocked by completing the Book of Creation. It allows deities to forge their own dungeon.


As said above, the Dungeon Forge firstly requires the deity to complete their Book of Creation.

Then to forge a dungeon, 10 words (40 glyphs) will be neccessary and it will also consume 50% of godpower.

Forging a Dungeon

The forging screen is accessed via the button "Dungeon Forge" which appears just below the Lab button.

At Level 1, where you start, you can choose between 3 preset dungeons, each having a different layout and type (Hurry, Wealth, Jumping, etc.) and each showing the most direct path from the entrance to the treasure. You will be able to place your boss anywhere in the dungeon, but not too close to the entrance. At this level, you won't be able to see where the other bosses will be, though it's safe to assume an L1 and L2 boss will be on the path, with the L2 closer to the treasure.

There will also be a condition, which is the same for all three dungeon templates. The conditions are: bonus points if more players reach the treasure; bonus points if more players don't reach the treasure; bonus points if the same number of players reach as don't reach the treasure. You will always score some points, but you will receive bonus points for meeting the condition. You can't choose the condition. This condition will influence where you want to place your boss.

Even though points are reported as the number of individual players passing and failing, it's on a team basis. So on a team of 5 players, if 3 reach the treasure and 2 die on the way, your score will show 5 passed. Beyond that, how the score is determined and the amount of the bonus are two of the Mysteries of Godville.

All other characteristics (nook, other bosses, hints, traps, etc.) will be generated when you create the dungeon, you have no control over them. Your choices are (a) which of the three templates to use, and (b) where to put your boss. As you level up, your options increase. At level 2, for example, you gain the ability to see where two other bosses are and one more template to choose from.

The boss you place in the dungeon will be a twin of your personal boss. Please note that even though it takes the place of the Treasure Boss, it doesn't have to be placed next to the treasure (and if your condition is bonus points if more players reach the treasure, you probably won't want to put it there).

Finish by selecting "Confirm this dungeon".


Once created, the Dungeon will last for 3 days (72 hours). During this time, other deities' champions will go through your dungeon as any dungeon.

On the Dungeon Forge screen, you can check the stats of the dungeon which are as follow :

  • How many champions passed,
  • How many failed,
  • Remaining Time,
  • Your current level and progress toward the next level.
  • After the 72 hours of the dungeon expire and you destroy it, you will see how much you scored for the dungeon. At this point, you will no longer be able to see the sample or the # of players who passed/failed the dungeon. The screen will go back to looking like it did initially. So if you want to keep a record of this information, write it down somewhere now.

After you create the dungeon, you will see a button for a Sample Dungeon. Pressing it brings up a copy of the dungeon the first set of players had and you will be able to see the path they took, voice commands given, and the details of any boss fights, just as if you had been on the team. Other than this one, you can't see any of the dungeons' details. The sample disappears when you destroy the dungeon, which you have to do before you can forge another one. If you're lucky, you can click the Sample button while the party is still in it and watch the live broadcast; this seems to work best soon after you create it.

The Dungeon Forge screen also keeps track of the words/glyphs you accumulate toward the 10 needed for your next forged dungeon.

Forge Rank

At the beginning, your Dungeon Forge menu will display a Forge Rank of 1. According to the ratio of successful and failed outcomes, this rank will increase. A bad dungeon will not lower your previous score; your score can only go up, faster or slower depending on the success of your dungeon.

A level 2 forge includes the following effects:

  • Number of available template dungeons to choose from increases by one compared to previous level,
  • Ability to see the placement of at least one level 1 boss and one level 2 boss,
  • Experience gained when dungeon is destroyed decreases by 50% compared to previous level,
  • Dungeon dampness and dankness increases by 30% and 40% respectively,
  • Music in the dungeon waiting room changes from muzak to slow jazz,
  • Stricter screening during the hiring process of dungeon janitors.

A level 3 forge includes the following effects:

  • Ability to see the placement of two traps,
  • Ability to place one trap in the location of your choice,
  • Dungeon power source switches to renewables with a corresponding carbon footprint decrease of 80%,
  • Squeaky toy bin added to pet waiting room,
  • Graffiti scrubbed from walls of treasure room,
  • Victorious heroes no longer required to pass through the gift shop on their way out,
  • Heroes receive a +5 buff to dexterity for the duration of the dungeon,
  • The vending machine by the entrance that always ends up with the potato chips getting stuck has been fixed.

A level 4 forge includes the following effects:

  • Mandalorians may now craft Beskar armor in the forge,
  • Heroes are now issued fins and oxygen tanks before entering the obligatory underwater level,
  • Time loop duration increased by 50%. Time loop duration increased by 50%. Time loop duration increased by 50%.

Forged Dungeon Notice

On the other heroes' side, they will be notified that they entered such a Dungeon by an entry on the first step as:

!Hero's Diary
The heroes are unaware that the master of this dungeon is Sparkplug4cars. Whatever that entails.


!Hero's Diary
A peculiar fact: this dungeon has a little divine touch.

Your boss-monster will also have a special entry such as:

!Hero's Diary
Made of parts +Hyperbully+ informs the adventurers that he was put here by the dungeon master.


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