DreamTales & Fairy Land

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DreamTales & Fairy Land is a place where all tales and stories origins, it is the home for fairies and dream creatures. This land has lots of different and special places where they appear to be in the dreams of people in which they are actually reality in DreamTales & Fairy Land. Besides, it is a land where mysterious guilds located.

 Currently DreamTales & Fairy Land is opening its entry to all guilds who interested to set their Headquarter or Vacation Villa here.

Currently notifiable guild in DreamTales & Fairy Land

Kings Queens midnight tea party with Alice and some anonymous rabbits♚(HQ)

Special and magical places that appears in DreamTales & Fairy Land

Wonderland 🎡

Rosie Garden 🌹

Meadow of Everlastingnight 🌌