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Strong Monsters of Godville
Strong Monster
Class Unknown
Habitat Unknown
Description Unknown

The Dotcommando is a monster.

When a huge war had broken out the only way to fight was to become the size of a bear. So scientists shrunk all the soldiers. But when the scientists had shrunk the Dotcommando they didn't know how to make him large again so stuck the Dotcommando in a glass and left him there.

The commando decided it was time to get out of there. As he was escaping, one of the scientists was creating a wormhole one which went straight to Godville. The commando thought, "That's my way out of here!" and jumped through.

When the Dotcommando arrived, he found out that there was no war going on. The Dotcommando got very bored, so decided that, if there wasn't a war, he should start one.

The Dotcommando now is in a permanent war with all heroes to keep himself amused.