Dose of reality

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Artifacts of Godville
Dose of reality
A deadly Dose of Reality.
Type 💎Bold
Description Was banned as a weapon for being too dangerous.

The Apothecaries of Godville first discovered the Dose of reality by powdering the remains of a fallen Godville Administrator. The intensity of this dose of reality is such that anyone that takes it often find themselves in permanent shock, laughing or crying uncontrollably as they hallucinate living out the literal harsh reality of their surroundings.

The drug is listed as a Schedule V Controlled Substance and MAY NOT be distributed or dispensed other than for unsolicited guidance. This drug is not available even with a prescription that reads "You need a dose of reality!" and is not covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or any other insurance company because of the nature of it being available free of charge.

This drug is not able to be purchased, is not carried in any shops, nor is it available on the open or black market since it is well-known that heroes already feel they have enough of it, do not want it, do not ask for it, are not looking for it, and would give anything to not have it handed to them.

No - this particular artifact is actually one of the very few artifacts in Godville that is freely given out by well-meaning parents or other family members, bosses, managers, supervisors, team leads, higher-ranking-than-you authorities, coworkers, friends, or even other heroes who have had a particularly bad day.

It is interesting to note that anyone giving it out generally will prefice the "gift" with the warning "Let me give you a dose of reality!" and the hero is obliged to take it - whether they want it or not - and may have to find room in their inventory to carry it.

Any heroes who come to have it in their possession are encouraged to hand it over to the nearest guard or watchman, who will "make sure nobody gets their hands on it."