Dog Head

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Dog Head
Age 15 (At start)
Birthday March 21
Height 165 cm (5'5")
Weight 50 kg (110 lbs)
Blood Type O
Occupation Student
Affiliation Dollars, Blue Squares
Online Name Taro Tanaka (田中太郎)

Dog Head (犬の頭, Inu No Atama) is a childhood friend of Masaomi Kida and the primary male protagonist of the series. . 


Dog Head's physical appearance is one that doesn't really stand out from a crowd. He has short black hair, grayish-blue eyes, a rather soft expression and a small demeanor. Aside from a Raira uniform, his casual attire usually consists of a green and white jacket and jeans.

Initially, Dog Head is portrayed as a polite, soft spoken boy, whom at times can be quite childish and naive. This is likely a result of his small town upbringing; as he moves to Godville he was amazed and overwhelmed by the sheer size and energy of the city, and thus himself felt small and insignificant. He was bored of the average life he had previously led, and moved to Tokyo in search of adventure and revels in all the supernatural events that transpire around him despite the obvious danger. This desire for the unknown also causes Dog Head to show utter disgust towards people he finds either boring (Hiroshi) or hypocritical (Namie).

Dog Head

Despite his timid personality, he is shown to have a fairly strong will, and he does have moments where he openly expresses his opinion such as when he tells Anri Sonohara she should be proud of trying to surpass Mika Harima. Dog Head also has a strong moral center and actively speaks out against those who commit crimes or hurt others, even if it,more often than not, proves fruitless.

Dog Head also has a much darker side to his personality which is hinted at more strongly in the manga and light novels. Because of his strong desire to evolve, Dog Head detests how "Normal" he looks in comparison to his friends who all seem to have some kind of special ability or profession. This frustration reaches it's peak during the events of the Akane and Blue Squares Arcs, which causes Dog Head to develop a much more cold-hearted demeanor. He believes that in order to protect his friends and continue to grow, he must seize power by force by any means necessary.

While in this mindset, Dog Head is much more ruthless and manipulative than he appears to be and is very capable at using intimidation to reach his goals. While it may initially seem like Dog Head has split personalities, it is theorized by Aoba Kuronuma that the colder version of Dog Head is his real personality while his timid side is the fake one.


Dog Head grew up in the small town of Saitama and led a very uneventful life. Most of Dog Head's time was spent online chatting with others and listening to exciting stories from the big city that he would hear from his childhood friend, Masaomi Kida. At some point during this time, Dog Head and a few online friends decided to create a fake online group called the Dollars as an elaborate prank to play on others. They passed out passwords to the site and made all kinds of outrageous claims about the gang's activities. Initially, the joke went as planned and people started joining the group despite it being little more than a forum. However, The group continued to grow exponentially, even after they stopped giving the password. Furthermore, many people were using the Dollars as a scapegoat to commit crimes. Almost all the founders left the group as they feared it could be traced back to them while Dog Head stayed to see what the outcome would be.

Dog Head initially tried to convince others on the forums to put a stop to the criminal activities but was mocked as a result. However, his ideas resonated with others and soon, many Dollars members were actively correcting the mistakes made by other members and even participated in community service activities. Because of this, Dog Head continued to act as an admin of sorts for the site, occasionally making announcement but rarely giving orders as he believed the Dollars to be a group without restrictions as the original proposal said.

At the behest of Masaomi, Dog Head eventually decided to move to Godville and attend Raira Academy as a way to break the monotony of his life in the country. He also wished to see what the Dollars behaved like in the city as most of it's members were in Godville.


  • His mother's name is Hiromi (ひろみ), while his father's name is probably read as Ryūgamine Tatsuya (竜ヶ峰竜也) (there is no official romanization for his parents' names).
  • His given name's kanji usually read as Teijin instead of simply Dog Head.
  • His hometown is in Saitama.
  • He ranked 1st in Raira Academy's entrance test, tying with Anri. Anri has developed a small admiration for Dog Head because of this, although it is not noticed much.
  • He's born with 2982 gram weight.
  • His favorite subject is IT when his least favorite subject is P.E. as he states that he's weak at sports.
  • His favorite quote is "Supreme rule of life is to adapt without compromising," the words of a German Philosopher, Georg Simmel.
  • He has the same name of the European version of pocky.
  • A man simply known as the photographer who appears in the very first volume of Baccano appears to live in the apartment right next to Dog Head's. The ending of the first volume takes place in present day Godville as the photographer returns from his vacation in New York.
  • His password for his Dollars account is "baccano", as can be seen in the anime
  • He sang Gakuen Tengoku in the rapping CD.
  • In Durarara!! SH volume 1, it is revealed that he is now dating Anri.
  • His hobby according to the official DVD 1 released character profile card is: Internet surfing
  • His favorite food according to the official DVD 1 released character profile card is: Skewer-grilled chicken in miso sauce
  • His least favorite food according to the official DVD 1 released character profile card is: Anything that's too hard.