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JanuWiki 2020 ideas lists

This is on an editable sub-page to allow for collaborative editing. So please, add to or improve this list.

In its first draft, this list includes any game item that may be within theme, including existing non-stub articles. The list can be improved and pruned as we go.

JanuWiki 20/20

All things vision and time.

This list includes vision and time related items found by searching godwiki and external sources for:

  • see
  • sight
  • view
  • glass
  • hour
  • minute
  • time
  • visi
  • fore
  • wait
  • aft
  • pre
  • futur
  • past

and selecting from the results items that seemed to fit the *vision* and *time* themes. I generally left out tangentially related but not core concepts (especially searching, looking for, hiding, etc) as it seemed like a list of decent length without them. These could be added back, of course.


Hindsight Seer • Seeing-Eye Mole • Nearsighted Sniper • Short-Sighted Visionary • Last Minuteman • Part-Time Traveller • Thief of Time • Time Consumer • Time Fly • Infrared Visionary • Invisible Pink Unicorn • Invisigoth • Slightly Invisible Man • Televisionairy • Tunnel Visionary • Clam Before The Storm • Preemptive Shrike • Jar of pre-counted beans • Ghost of Quests Past

  • Aftermoth boss-monster is marked as a stub (and for a boss-monster, it's short)


All-seeing ear • All-seeing eyedrops • Broken rearview mirror • 1x magnifying glass • Bull's eyeglasses • Digital hourglass • Glass eye • Half an hourglass • Hourglass figure • Magnified glass • Magnifying glass eye • Minimizing glass • Pane in the glass • Perplexiglass • Sand from an hourglass • Sandless hourglass • Stopwatch hourglass • Trendy cyclops sunglasses • 25-hour clock • Biodegradable time capsule • Book of time stamps • Borrowed time machine • Box of spare time • Can of borrowed time • Comic timer • Fabergé egg timer • Fabric of time • Golden egg timer • Hammer time machine • Limited lifetime warranty • Out-of-time machine • Part time clock • Realtime machine • Respawn timer • Sands of time • Sign of the times • Space-time continuum glue • Space-time fabric conditioner • Swatch of spacetime fabric • Tickling time bomb • Time amplification device • Time frame • Time loop • Waste of time capsule • “Godville Times” newspaper • Bucket of invisible paint • Invisible artifact • Invisible bottle of ink • Invisible ink eraser • Invisible warning sign • Mime's invisible box • Photo of an invisible man • Potion of visibility • Brainstorm forecast • Evening-before pill • Yesterday's forecast • Jar of pre-counted beans • Jar of wildlife preserves • Pack of pre-sealed envelopes • Pre-dried glue stick • Pre-emptive stroke • Pre-Godville relic • Pre-historic history book • Pre-paid indulgence card (bold) • Pre-popped bubble wrap • Pre-threaded needle • Preapocalyptic guide • Precautionary measuring jug • Preemptive strike • Preheated debate • Premarital hex • Premature obituary • Repressed memory card • Repressed memory foam • Set of pre-drilled holes • Morning-ever-after pill • Bright future dimmer • Future antique • Blast from the past • Link to the past



Cap with IR-sight • Deja view glasses • 2D glasses • Cool sunglasses • Glass necklace • Moonglasses • Nerd's glasses • Pair of cool sunglasses • X-ray glasses • Ocarina of time • Sandals of time • Third-time charm • Armor of night invisibility • Blindfold of invisibility • Cloak of visibility • Goggles of holy vision • Invisible hand of the market • Invisible pants • Ring of visibility • Tunnel vision • Prenuptial agreement


Find a deaf man who's heard about a blind man seeing a legless man walk

Follow the sun to see where it sleeps at night

Hide a grail and see if someone finds it

See a falling star and make a wish

See if the pen really is mightier than the sword

See the dark side of the sun

Win a game of hide and seek against the invisible man

Climb the tallest beanstalk to have a bird's eye view of Godville

Get a picture of an invisible man

Rewrite the diary in invisible ink

Trap a mime in an invisible box

Find out how to keep a fool occupied for a few hours

Count the grains of sand in an hourglass

Apply for a Godville lifetime membership card

Be in the right place at the right time

Be the wrong person in the wrong place at the wrong time

Figure out how time flies

Iron out the wrinkles in time or Smooth out the wrinkles in time, both in List of Quests

Pack a lifetime of excitement into a single day

Pass the test of time

Please all of the people all of the time

Prove that lightning can strike the same place many times

Save some time in a bottle or Store some time in a bottle, both in List of Quests

Sew a stitch in time

Spackle over a crack in the space-time continuum

Take a time-out and sit in the corner

Take time off for good behavior

Travel back in time to prevent myself from starting this quest

Waste time productively

Wait for the cows to come home

Go back to the future

Atone for future mistakes

Find the point of no return and go past it

Accurately predict doomsday

Clean up the mess made during the previous quest

Complete the previous quest at a higher difficulty level

Complete the previous quest backwards and in high heels

Convince the Heroes Union to launch a preemptive strike

Prepare for the unexpected

Travel back in time to prevent myself from starting this quest


Sober view (trade skill)

Year of the Metal Rat

The more I read about the attributes of the Metal Rat, the more I like making it a JanuWiki 2020 theme.

[Metal] Rats tend to be reliable and live a stable life. They may hold some power and are able to turn unlucky events into

An excellent mascot for the second annual JanuWiki!

All things rodent and metal... that could be totally huge though. Uhhh... 40% of all mammal species are rodents?! And hilariously for GV, that includes gophers! Jeeez, alright. Let's see how we go. Also, metal — where do you draw the line on that??

Searches done so far:

  • rat
  • mous
  • squir
  • beav
  • goph
  • metal
  • hamst
  • lemm
  • chin
  • groun
  • gerb
  • capy
  • guin
  • chip
  • prai
  • vole
  • marm
  • porc
  • iron
  • steel
  • ore
  • copper
  • bronze
  • brass
  • silver
  • lead
  • tin
  • alum
  • nickel
  • zinc
  • chrom
  • plati
  • sodium
  • magnes
  • gold



Cheshire Rat • Copyrat • Maul Rat • Mouseferatu • Pack Rat • Rug Rat • Steel Rat • Thunder Rat • Anonymouse • Autonomouse • Blasphemouse • Blue-Toothed Mouse • Ergonomic Mouse • Gravitational Field Mouse • Hippopotamouse • Infamouse • Infrared Mouse • Inverted Mouse • Laser Mouse • Modest Mouse • Mouse of Ill Repute • Mouseferatu • Revolving Dormouse • Blind Weresquirrel • Dire Squirrel • Sabertooth Squirrel • Eager Beaver • Werebeaver • Cartogopher • Battle Hamster • Cheerful Lemming • Chinkilla • Double Chinchilla • Long And Winding Rodent • Grounded Hog • Dramatic Chipmunk


Angel Of Death Metal • Full Metal Jackrabbit • Full-Metal Arsonist • Metal Slug

Cast Iron Man • Iron Chef • Ironclad Chef • Ironic Giant • Ironing Man • Ironyman • Tire Iron Lion

Brass Monkey • Brassquatch

Nerd of Steel

Titanium Gingerbread Man

Uranium Slug

Gold Farmer • Gold Flinger


  • There's a Steel Rat in the game! I think JanuWiki 2020 has its mascot! What do we think?


Optical illusion mouse • Venus mousetrap • Gopher wood brick • Hamster prayer wheel • Lemmings' guide to cliff diving

Heavy-metal detector • Magical metal attractor • Non-metal detector • Shiny metal X

Branch from an iron tree • Dewaffling iron • Irony detector

Tin of armor polish • Tin of chewing tar • Tin of hoof polish

Bun of steel

Silver bullet • Silver coin stamped with "In Godville We Trust" • Silver lining • Silver tongue

Ore from the data mine

Aluminium banner

Coil of platinum barbed wire

Lead balloon

24k goldfish • Brick of fool's gold • Chipped golden brick • Figure “5” in gold • Fool's goldfish • Gold brick mold • Gold coin counter • Gold farmer's almanac • Gold-plated fish • Golden brick • Golden cinder block • Golden egg timer • Golden eye • Golden facepalm • Golden fiddle • Golden LEGO brick • Golden parachute • Golden pumpkin • Golden pumpkin pie • Golden snitch • Golden ticket • Golden trowel • Golden whistle • Heart of gold • Memoirs of a goldfish • Outlandish gold-oyster • Sack of golden fleas


Mickey Mouse's gloves • Tail of a ball-mouse

Full metal jacket • Full metal trousers • Heavy metal band • Metal bikini • Metal deflector • Rusty metal boots • Shard of death metal • Shiny metal axe

Cast iron panama hat • Cast iron shield • Iron crown • Iron curtain • Iron fist • Iron fist in a velvet glove • Iron hat • Iron lattice • Iron mask • Sword of irony • Throwing iron

Lead apron • Lead chastity belt • Lead earrings • Lead gloves • Lead hat • Lead shield • Leaded snowshoes • Solid lead life preserver

Tin can • Tin foil hat • Tin shield

Abs of steel • Steel wool mittens • Steelettos • Steelmaker's gauntlets

Chrome dome

Pair of brass balls

Plate-mail flip flops

Platinum platter

Silver cross

Titanium nightgown

Gold-plated glamour shield • Golden calf • Golden fingers • Golden horseshoes • Goldfingers


Build a better mouse trap

Convince the lemming not to jump, or Convince the lemmings not to jump, or Convince the suicidal lemming not to jump, all three are on List of Quests

Iron out the wrinkles in time, but this already listed for time theme

Learn the true meaning of “irony”

Buy a goose that lays golden eggs and mold the eggs into golden bricks

Defeat a goldfish in a staring competition

Drag and drop a golden ring into the volcano

Find a pot of gold at the other end of the rainbow

Find out how to turn a golden brick into a pint of beer

Follow the golden brick road and ask the wizard for some brains

Get the gold at the end of the rainbow and Get the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow both on List of Quests, only relevant forum search result that I could find dates from 2010, so doesn't help much (but weakly implies 'the pot of gold' may be the new version post grammar correction)

Learn how to spin straw into gold bricks

Pluck a golden hair from the Devil's back and stay alive


Effect of the groundhog (transport skill) — Iron vortex (combat skill) — Tin throat (trading skill) — Steel finger (combat skill) — Golden vein (trade skill)

The inclusion of gophers within the "rodents" theme allows for a lot of scope to include gopherwood topics and gameplay information for those who want to focus on those. The same is true for 'metal' including gold, gold bricks, gold coins, etc etc.

Books and words


  • book
  • word (excl. sword)
  • glyph
  • letter
  • rune
  • dumm
  • dict
  • charact
  • guid


Book Wyrm

E-book Worm

Jungle Bookie

Destroyer of Words

Runestone Cowboy


Trained Dummy

Diction Fairy

Special Character

Unprintable Character

Unsupported Character


'How to Serve Heroes' cookbook • 'Pixies Gone Wild' flipbook • 'Praying for Dummies' handbook • 'Quests for Dummies' book • 'Silly String Theory' book • Alchemy textbook • Anarchist's rulebook • Arsonist's cookbook • Audiobook of untold tales • Bōõk öf Ãççêñts • Book of common knowledge • Book of Common Preyers • Book of convincing alibis • Book of dungeon etiquette • Book of Dupes (2nd edition) • Book of e-mail stamps • Book of famous last words • Book of generic pet names • Book of glitchcraft • Book of lulz • Book of neverending stories • Book of rejected prayers • Book of saucery • Book of single-letter words • Book of time stamps • Book of trendy warcries • Book of unprintable evil • Book of unsubstantiated rumors • Book of unwritten laws • Broken rule book • Discolouring book • Disconnect-the-dots book • E-bookcase • Elf-defense book • Female-to-male phrasebook • Fight club rulebook • Finished connect-the-dots book • Five-second rulebook • Four leaf notebook • Illustrated philosophy textbook • Imported bookmark • IP address book • Karma maintenance handbook • Male-to-female phrasebook • Monster etiquette book • Monster's union handbook • Murphy's lawbook • Never-ending storybook • Norse code book • Obstructions booklet • Pre-historic history book • Self-coloring book • Sketchy book • Spineless book • Textbook on material strength • Uninvited guestbook • Vuvuzela song book • Well-cooked book • “Amazing Anatomy” book • “Avoiding Dummies for Dummies” book • “Crash Testing for Dummies” book • “Crop circle pattern” book • “Embalming for Mummies” book • “Facts of Life” popup book • “Guide to Obscure References” book • “How to Taunt Monsters” handbook • “Impress Your Deity 101” book • “Learn LISP in 24 Centuries” book • “Literacy for Dummies” book • “Pet Care for Heroes” book • “Post Mortem Communication for Dummies” book • “Probability in Games for Dummies” book • “Sacrifice for Dummies” book • “Safety Rules for Superheroes” book • “The Top 100 Things I'd Do if I Ever Became an Evil Overlord” booklet • “Try This At Home” guidebook • “Ventriloquism for Dummies” book

Coined word • Cross-sword puzzle • Dictionary of unspoken words • Invalid password generator • List of 7 Unspeakable Words • Minced word • Password hint • Picture of a thousand words • Samurai's word • Strongly-worded letter • Word on the street • Word salad • Wordsmith's hammer

Emoji hieroglyph

Chain letter opener • Ideabox rejection letter • Imaginary letter • Letter to Santa Claus • Love-hate letter • One-letter anagram • Open letter • Scarlet letter • Scented breakup letter • Strongly-worded letter

Obscene rune, Ruined rune

“Atheism for Dummies” flyer • “Autocorrection four Dummies” guide • “Dummy's Guide to Dummies” guide

Contradictionary • Dictionary of typos • Dictionary of unspoken words • High-definition dictionary • Lorem Ipsum dictionary • Orcish-elvish pocket dictionary • Urban dictionary • “God-Hero” dictionary

'How to be a Monster' guide • Afterlife survival guide • Artifact Price Guide: 601 g.e. Edition • Atheist's guide to heaven • Don't-do-it-yourself guide • Guide to evil laughs • Guide to Godville's nightlife • Guide to solo hide-and-seek • Guide to the galaxy • Hero's Guide to Edible Monsters • Ideabox survival guide • Kamikaze survival guide • Lemmings' guide to cliff diving • Pantheon strategy guide • Preapocalyptic guide • Rock-paper-scissors guide • Rough guide to sandpaper • Spirit guidepost • Strategy guide of life • Survival guide • “Don't be a noob” guide • “Godville for Atheists” travel guide • “Pessimist's Guide to Purgatory” manual


Big book of self defence (shield)

Chain letter mail (body)

Chain-letter mail (body)

Strong letter of recommendation (talisman)

Bag of runes (talisman)

Art Corner

Behold, the spot where you'll find JanuWiki 20/20-themed artwork! Feel free to add on to it! -- Arcanedreamer (talk) 20:54, 23 September 2019 (UTC)

Winter Hourglass
The beloved Mascot of JanuWiki 2020 - The Steel Rat!

Construction Zone

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