Discover where the cat keeps its stolen tongues

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Quests of Godville


Discover where the cat keeps its stolen tongues
Has the cat got your tongue?

Quest Start
!Hero's Diary
I seem to have misplaced the quest randomizer, Soul Supreme! Perhaps if I quickly discover where the cat keeps its stolen tongues I'll be able to find it again? It's worth a try.

Quest Middle

In order to complete this quest, your hero(ine) has to follow a feline to its stash of tongues. This is quite perilous, as cats are extremely agile and heroes... are not. Heroes must follow the cats successfully through milestones, alleys in towns, and winding, unpredictable turns before discovering the location of the tongue stash. Heroes may even have to try to land on their feet, which may result in a few bruises, scratches, and possibly even falling flat on their face.

Quest End
!Hero's Diary
Found a secret factory where stolen tongues are covered in silver and sold back to the populace! I always knew that cats were smarter than us all.

My quest to discover where the cat keeps its stolen tongues has been completed! Got a death note as a reward. It's time to go and celebrate.