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Skills of Godville
Disarming smile
A statue of Venus de Milo, the most famous victim of the disarming smile skill
Type ⚔️Combat
Description "No arms, no chocolate!"

Disarming smile is a skill which heroes and heroines may use in combat. After many losses and defeats, some heroes realize that a sweet smile can be more surprising than the most complicated of martial-arts combos.


It was rumored that this skill was accidentally discovered several centuries ago. It was when a passing hero gave a perfunctory smile to a very persistent merchant who insisted that her wares were the most cost-effective. Since the annoyed hero planned to spend his hard earned coins on a nearby tavern, he continued to smile while the trader continued trying to persuade him to buy her wares. To the hero's surprise, both arms of the merchant suddenly fell off.


Level 1-5

The hero's smile makes people uncomfortable, so they are rarely (if ever) asked on dates or invited over for parties.

Level 6-10

The hero's smile may occasionally cause numbness and tingling of the outer extremities.

Level 11-20

Opponents are confused by the smile and let their guard down, so your hero can attack unexpectedly.

Level 21+

The hero can actually remove an opponent's freaking arms, leaving them with highly limited means of attack.