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Towns of Godville
Home milestone 666
Map code DE
Known for Weaker prayers
Motto Surpass evil!

Deville is one of the outermost towns in the land of Godville, an unholy 666 milestones from the capital.

Game Notes

  • Godpower is harder to get here.
  • Heroes heal slower here.
  • Heroes may disappear during their visit.


Not many heroes are brave or foolish enough to go this far, thus Deville remains largely wild. Its exact location remains unknown, as no hero has recorded nearby landmarks. Even its general direction from the closest town (in hero terms), Anville, is uncertain.


While life here is not as busy as in the bigger towns, it is quite unfriendly. People here do not get very many visitors, and therefore do not know how to treat them. Beer prices are ten times as high as normal, and traders are twice as stubborn. Many choose not to return, but residents somehow like it here.

The local justice system is unfair and cruel to foreigners. If one kills a monster on Deville property, he or she must immediately pay 500 gold to the lord or suffer the consequences. Pets and Heroes have been known to vanish while stopping during their visit. The streets are very narrow with all buildings crowded close together as if they were terrified of the nearby Dark forest. As Heroes pass through the town, the villagers whisper to each other with guarded glances as if their very lives depended upon making the least possible noise. The scent of smoke, cooking fires, and unwashed bodies lingers in the air.

As in any city you'll find a doctor ready to patch you up ... in a quite literal way. Doctor Frak-sten-stein is renowned for his talent in necromancy and his love for lightning. Unfortunately he has a tendency of using his "patient" as a guinea pig which explains the time it takes to recover in this city.

While most cities have multi-faith chapels for wandering heroes, Deville only has a public prayer room. In the basement. Of the Devil Dan's Butchery and Sausage Manufacturer. Deville temples are forbidden for foreigners.


There is a famous folk song about the devil who founded the town and her wicked ways, which goes along the lines of: "if she doesn't scare you, no evil thing shall."

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