Devil Wearing Nada

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Strong Monsters of Godville
Devil Wearing Nada
Diabolus Nudus
Strong Monster
Class Demon, Skeleton
Habitat Nearby San Satanos
Description Skeletal Demon wearing Nothing

The Devil Wearing Nada (Diabolus Nudus) is a monster that is a demon whose body, after combusting, is almost completely skeletal and because of this, does not need to wear clothes.

The Devil Wearing Nada started off as the least attractive demon in the entire universe, even to a point where even other demons thought it was too repulsive to live in the Underworld. During that time, it constantly had to wear costumes to ensure the other demons would not avoid it out of pure horror. One day, however, this changed after it decided to wear an extremely flammable costume despite its home being extremely volcanic. During a gathering in the underworld, the demon ended up tripping and falling into the eternal fire, and its body was being burned into nothingness. However, other demons managed to rescue it, revealing that its entire body up to its chest was completely burned off - except for its now eternally-flaming skeleton. Even worse, the costume it was wearing was gone and nothing remained of it. However, many thought it looked better with its body being half-skeletal and because of this, the demon never had to put on a costume again. Also, the fires no longer seemed to burn the its body, meaning it became fireproof. The demon was extremely happy about this, since costumes could get very sweaty, and gave itself the title "Devil Wearing Nada", because skeletons do not need clothes. Therefore, it was wearing nothing. To show off its new appearance, it left the Underworld and ventured to Godville for the locals to see.

However, many disliked its pompous behavior and started to ask heroes to kill it. Sometimes, in exchange for a free beer. This gave the Devil Wearing Nada a new job, which was being a monster. If a hero has any form of water, especially holy water, this monster is easy to kill. Otherwise, the Devil Wearing Nada will be having a freshly cooked hero-stew. One thing to note, however, this monster's refusal to wear clothes or any form of armor makes it extremely vulnerable, and therefore, not an overly challenging fight.



  • Constantly on fire
  • Fireproof
  • Terrifying, skeletal body


  • Water (Especially holy water)
  • No armor or clothes used for protection
  • Has often been convicted for public nudity.
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