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Boss-Monsters of Godville
Class humanoid
Habitat Near towns
Description Charismatic human with googly eyes
Boss Type 2-Ability Dungeon

The Detrimentalist is a human with psychic abilities that preys on heroes.


The Detrimentalist used to be a popular psychic medium who preyed on the gullible until he decided to work with the police finding criminals. Unfortunately every prediction he made turned out to be not only wrong, but harmful to everyone around him. He gave it up and decided more money could be made if he lurked outside of towns and "predicted" all over wandering heroes.


He looks like a charming, well-dressed gentleman and will easily talk his way into gullible hero's pockets. He might even claim to be working with law enforcement. Despite rumors, he does not speak with a Jamaican accent. Heroes may be confusing him with the Small Medium at Large.[1]



  • Very charming, often not perceived as a threat.
  • Will predict detrimental effects upon the hero which almost infallibly come true.


  • Is very sensitive about how his family died. (Although it could propel him into a rage; use with caution.)
  • Gets angry if you suggest his abilities are fraudulent.


  1. ↑ Not yet discovered.
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