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Towns of Godville
Home milestone 1070
Map code DS
Known for Cheap skills
Motto Suus 'Delectamenti Secunda Mensa

Dessertown is a town in Godville providing the finest skill boosting desserts in the entire world.


Long ago on a particularly long grocery shop, the town founder Strudel Pieworth found himself lost in the great desert surrounding modern Dessertown. Without food or water he slowly began to lose his mind, drinking only hallucinogenic cactus water.

However, he would finally be saved when he came across a most wondrous sight. An oasis in the middle of the desert fed by a geyser that spouted pure cream. Drinking from this oasis would completely quench the thirsty baker, saving his life. It was on this day that he would pledge to build a town around this miracle of a cream oasis before finally wandering back home.

Upon his return to the oasis he would quickly learn that the cream oasis was but a regular oasis which he saw as cream due to the cactus water but his resolve to build the town remained. Together with fellow bakers the town of Dessertown would be born, the baking capital of Godville (according to the residents at least).

Notable Landmarks

Pieworth and Children's Biscuit Company

Run by Pieworth's descendants and located in the Town Square near to the oasis, Pieworth's stands tall as one of the largest bakeries in the settlement. The structure is composed of 4 floors housing a cafe, restaurant, bar and a gift shop it is a must see for any visitor to Dessertown.

Formerly "Pieworth and Children's Baking Company", the store used to produce a wide variety of different baked goods using the recipes developed by Strudel himself. That was until recent years where people started to realise that his non-biscuit recipes were rather... terrible.

One quick rebranding and a removal of said recipes from any new editions of the Strudel recipe book later, the company has regained a large chunk of its reputation.

Town Events

The Founding Festival — 16th of July

A yearly festival commemorating the day that the Founder returned to the oasis to begin construction of the town. During this celebration the water of the oasis is dyed white, symbolising the cream hallucination.

Across town people are known to bake a variety of cream filled confections to be sold throughout the event, with many choosing to give these away for free. Topping off this event is a grand firework display, with each firework being topped with frosting for no particular reason.

Those wishing to attend said festival are advised to exercise some caution however. This is is due to the dye used to colour the water being mildly toxic leading to intense stomach troubles as the oasis is the only water source for the town so beer drinking is advised. The water has also been laced with cactus water on multiple years.

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