Desert of Former Alkies

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Geography of Godville
Desert of Former Alkies
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The Desert of Former Alkies covers the southeast of Godville's main continent, where Los Demonos lies underground in a cavern.


The Desert is home to various types of heat resistant monsters. The landscape is full of sand hills and valleys from the Limestone Labyrinth. Sandstorms and dust devils are a common sight here. When there is no wind, which is most of the time, the temperature can rise up to 130F° (55C°). The dangers of this desert have caused many a Hero to die, either from dehydration, heatstroke, or the vile creatures found here.


A fragment found on a shard of pottery reveals:

the clan of Alki thrived in the area long ago, a clan of Sand Warriors who killed of all the monsters in the area. They conquered it and served as guides for those who wanted to cross the arid land. After the earthquake that created the Limestone Labyrinth, the population was nearly decimated.

Territories and Landmarks
B-Trees Forest • Beer Bay • Blue Portal Lagoon • Brain Slugs Farm • Cave of the Weak-Witted Oracle • The Cavern of Dwarves' Glory • The Cliff of The Lonely Hero • Cliff of Unrequited Love • The Close Encounters of the Third Kind Hill • Desert of Former Alkies • Divine Lake • Eastern Magmatic Plumules • Field of Special Magic • Forgotten Woods • Fountain of Youth • Graveyard of the Chosen Ones • Great Lava Desert of Trogh • Hypergiant Delta • Jagged Peaks • Lake of Maiden's Tears • Limestone Labyrinth • Little-big pond • Lost paradise • Low Gravity Plains • Mainstream • Meadows of Eternal Tranquility • Meadow of Everlastingnight • Milestone 554 • Oasis of Deadman's Hand • OnePricedWood • Passage of the Last Man Lying • Pathway of Lemmings • Plateau of Low Gravity • Platonic Woodland • Qu'tox Ocean • Radiostagnant Pits • River Amp • River Kraktor • River Stinks • Sacred Archipelago • Sleepless Hollow • Strawberry Fields • Swamp of missed kamikazes • The Land of Landmarks • Trans-Astral Highway • Triffids' Valley • Vector Field • Wastelands of Insomnia • Watering Hole • World's Apex • Yggdrasil