Desert Rose

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Desert Rose
Desert Rose 2.jpg
Alignment: Peaceful
Gold Fund: 28047 c.u.
Leader: GodJezatron 
Date Founded: 25/03/2015
Membership Count: ~53
Pantheon of unity Rank: 236
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 225
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 310
Forum Headquarters: Desert Rose
Guild Page: Desert Rose 
Data current as of 14/09/2016

In the arid sands, within the Desert of former Alkies, between the gaping maw of the Limestone Labyrinth and the underground city of Los Demonos, lies a truly remarkable place. Far off the beaten path, the winding milestones of which mortals tread, can be found our splendid treasure. Those in the throes of desert thirst, can be saved once reaching here - if they stumble across the rolling dunes in the right direction.

Desert Rose, paradise within scorching inferno, salvation of the desert. Here is found life, and even more than that, luxury and satisfaction. A small, thriving settlement, founded long ago by our leader who was first saved from sun's wrath, has since grown and welcomed the few lucky enough to find it. Homes, shops, bars, all surround the jewel of the sands - the Oasis, Desert Rose, her name encompassing all who live in her merciful bounty. Desert Rose, not just a mere body of water, but life blood pouring out from the earth herself. The sands, blessed by every single droplet of water, grow our canopy of trees, denying the harsh sun; the shifting sands dare not touch us. Within our courtyards, everything grows, and we sustain on the greenest fruits desired; our livestock, fertile and viral, graze these sands and become magnificent beasts. Wines, beers, spirits: abundant and delicious, fruit, wheat, barley, sprouted from wet sands, fermented into beverages, there is none like them. The Oasis, Desert Rose, winding through the settlement, takes care of us, our welcome Heaven in Hell.

The fame of our community has finally spread past the meager few who by chance find it. The towns up and down the road, hear whispers of the jewel within the dunes. Yet Desert Rose is not to be exploited by all who lust after paradise. No, she is a home, for adventurers and shopkeepers, heroes and villains, sinners and saints, thieves and rabble, Gods and Goddesses. All become equal in the Desert Rose, and thus so, not all can be accepted when they refuse to coexist.

Are you willing to make Desert Rose your home? Can you accept the luxury provided, the life given, without greed? Join us, and you may never leave this sacred ground.

To join us, say to your hero, join "Desert Rose" guild. Only speak when they are not fighting or in town, but preferably, idle. The little dears are easily distracted, thus you should also wait some time to speak again if they do not listen the first time.

Outskirts of Desert Rose

Desert Rose Alehouse

Courtyards and Communal Areas

Houses and Abodes