Deer God

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Strong Monsters of Godville
Deer God
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Strong Monster
Description Unknown

The Deer God is a monster.

Even by God standards, the Deer God used to cut an impressive figure, a huge being, apparently half Human, half Elf, and seeing as he also sported a set of antlers, at least a bit of Deer. No one knows how old he is and being a God, he doesn't have to tell anyone squat. A difficult childhood or possibly fawnhood has left him, well, difficult.

Sadly, his present appearance is rather less impressive, having run into a temporal anomaly at some stage in his existence. He managed, just barely, to hold on to his morphogenic field but the tattered remnants are far less impressive, leaving him just slightly larger than your average Labrador Retriever.

Perhaps because he now looks less Human, he seems to have a grudge against the race and his unfortunate incident has done nothing to dim his combat skills or his will to win. While it is true that his weaponry is reduced in size, now consisting of a rather smaller set of antlers and a fairly decent pair of tusks, it is a foolish Hero that thinks that this God is a pushover. Or a walkover or jumpover, for that matter.



  • Bad Attitude
  • Divine strength
  • Experience


  • Not very big
  • Runs from big dogs
  • Afraid of Hunting horns