Decan II

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Decan II is the second of The Lady of the Decan's heroes. He has messy red hair, a pale face, and grey eyes that make him look smarter than he really is. He has a kind, trusting persona, which can be good or bad, depending on the situation.



Decan II did not have a very happy childhood. He and his sister, Ruse Intelligent, were not treated very well by his cruel parents. At the age of 14, he and Ruse were mercilessly abandoned. Moments later, the brother and sister were attacked by a huge, fire-breathing dragon. They were nearly eaten, but Decan II performed his first heroic deed: saving his sister and killing the dragon. Unfortunately, the experience traumatized him, and he becam amnesiac, not knowing who his sister was. his sister could not bear to see him in such a state, so she ran away, leaving Decan II alone.


Becoming a Hero

It was a life changing day for Decan II. It was a starry night, and The Lady of the Decans saw him in the ruined remains of his house. He was instantly flashed to the Lady's star studded temple, where he met her, and became the hero.



Being a hero was not easy, as his goddess looked down upon him. But finally, the Lady began to trust him, and they even became friends. Decan II still has a long way to go in the path of being a hero, but in spite of his sad beginnings, he is shaping to be pretty good.

To find out more, read Decan II's chronicles.