Death by snu-snu

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Skills of Godville
Death by snu-snu
Snu snu 4.jpg
One of the many look of the Death by Snu-snu skill
Type ⚔️Combat
Description One of the most favored kind of death for the male population

The Death by Snu-Snu skill summons the spirits of the ancient Amazonians, who will carry out their vengeance on the enemy.

Originally a death sentence [1] imposed on men by the Amazon women of Planet Amazonia. Resulted in crushed pelvises.

Snu-snu can look like this...
... or like this


Level 1-5

Summons 2-3 beautiful Amazonians. The enemy is captured and dragged around by his hair.May be unlucky enough to live through it.

Level 6-10

Summons 3-7 smaller Amazonians. The enemy is snu-snued by the petite women.Certain death but what a way to go!

Level 11-20

Summons 5-8 larger Amazonians. The enemy is snu-snued by the large women.

Level 21+

Summons 10-15 Amazonians of random type. The enemy is snu-snued by the most beautiful women. Then the large women. Then the petite women. Then the large women again...