Deaf Leopard

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Monsters of Godville
Deaf Leopard
Surdi pardus
Class Feline
Habitat Forests and plains
Description Yellow with black spots

The Deaf Leopard (Surdi pardus) is a monster with a tragic tale.


One day, a leopard was innocently strolling through the forest near Godville, searching for its favorite snack: blueberries (it was a vegetarian at the time). The blueberry bushes made a special sound when the wind blew through the leaves, and the then typical leopard had very sharp hearing, perfect for picking those noises out and finding the fruit he so desired hidden among the thick undergrowth. The leopard had just caught the sound of a blueberry bush nearby and started after it, when a hero suddenly stumbled onto the path, looking extremely lost and confused. Seeing the leopard caught the hero off guard, and he let out a painfully loud shriek. After the hero ran away in fright, the leopard's head felt fuzzy. The hero's terrified scream had caused the sharp-eared leopard to go deaf! He couldn't even hear his own roar of frustration. It was a devastating blow to the leopard's entire sense of self that the monster felt could not go unpunished.

As a result of its crippling injury, the Deaf Leopard has sworn that it will take vengeance on all heroes. The monster had to return to a carnivorous diet without the ability to find the berries it so craved. Now it must kill to eat again. Don't let your hero be next!



  • Vengeful aggressiveness
  • Sharp claws
  • Quick and nimble


  • Deaf in both ears
  • No opposable thumbs
  • Missing one arm
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