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Monsters of Godville
The Daymare is a terrifying beast, but it's pleasant daytime coloration makes it less scary.
Class Eldritch Abomination
Habitat Forgotten Woods
Description Creates scary Daydreams

The Daymare is a terrifying monster that really isn't as scary as it wants to be. It creates unpleasant visions in one's head while they are awake during the day. It used to create nightmares during the night, but it has always resided in the Field of Special Magic. This monster was once the most terrifying creature of all.

General Information

The Daymare used to be a regular Nightmare, instilling fear into the hearts of many in their sleep at night. In fact, it was the best at its job. It was scary enough to even craft dreams so terrifying that a it could even frighten gods and goddesses. However, it eventually got bored after many who live in the Forgotten Woods began casting spells on themselves to avoid falling asleep, and thus, never be traumatized at night. But, the living nightmare is as cunning as it was terrifying. After discovered such activity by locals, the monster decided to begin scaring its victims while they were awake. But, it also wanted its victims to be able to sleep again so its fellow Nightmares could plague their minds once again. So, it decided to begin a diurnal lifestyle and leave its nocturnal lifestyle. It took it a while to adjust to sunlight, but eventually it found that the sun was not as bad as it originally thought. Its body began to change from a spooky black, purple, and blood red color scheme to a pleasant and welcoming azure, white, and dark gray, making it less scary. However, the monster felt that this decrease in scariness was a worthy sacrifice for it to become the Daymare. From that day on, it began traumatizing daydreamers and even scared the locals of its home to stop using the sleep-preventing magic. However, even though such a morally-gray heroic deed was performed, it never stopped haunting daydreams. After all, it is no longer a Nightmare, but is now the Daymare.

Heroes can defeat this monster by thinking pleasant thoughts or attacking this semi-material beast with weapons. However, just like the Logistical Nightmare, it will always come back after being killed.



  • A living nightmare
  • Causes bad daydreams
  • Cunning
  • Spawns immediately after being killed


  • Happy thoughts
  • Not as scary as it used to be
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