Dark Deities Brewery

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The darkest ales of Godville. Bulk discounts for taverns and heroes with a mighty thirst!

Our codex:

-Firstly, be passionate about your beer! Every single one of our drinks is a hand-crafted small miracle in a bottle. No heresy intended.

-Secondly, be on the darker side of the alignment scale! Our beer is made with hate.

-Thirdly, the code is more what you’d call “guidelines” than actual rules. Don’t be afraid of starting a career with us even if you don’t yet love beer or are evil. After all, we’re not alignmentists here.

Open positions:

Master Brewer: You have experience in brewing? That’s great! We need you to test out new recipes and out-of-the-box brewing methods using artifacts.

Quality Supervisor: If tasting beer taking sample after sample all day was your dream job, you are in luck. Just make sure you write up everything in your diary. An ideal candidate analyzes drinks thoroughly even when inebriated.

Hygiene Manager: To ensure consumer satisfaction and safety we really need a a whole lot of people who know their way around the mop and the bucket. Don’t worry though, the dirtiest of the work is done by a squad of Lampless Genies and Peanut Butlers.

Security Manager: Are you a big bad muscular guy with a shiny bald head? Or not really, but you can still hit really hard? We need you to ward off Beer Muggers and penniless heroes.

Guild Magic Supervisor: Creation and maintenance of the guild’s Beer Golem Team.

Your idea: You don’t see your dream profession, but you think you can work with us? Just apply, and we’ll see if you qualify!

Hope to see you among the ranks of the DD Brewery!