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Welcome my friends to the Darkfluff guild. Our guild is open to anyone that can pass our initiation quest, though sometimes it can be quite perilous. Most initiates must "Go on a Beer Run," but if you can't afford such a costly quest, you can always "Retrieve the Second Left Rear Molar of the Toothless Grayscale Dragon. Without Slaying Said Dragon that Lives on the Top of the Unscalable Cliffs Overlooking the Pit of Sharp Rocks." Confirmation of the later quest includes the tooth, and a notarized note from the grayscaled dragon stating that he survived the encounter. New initiates are responsible for keeping beer ice cold, and making sure that the guild headquarters stays clean.

The darkfluff guild motto is "I'll drink to that!!!" and we take that very seriously. If any member sees something of possible inconsequential interest they should propose a toast as soon as possible.