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We gotta get shwifty. Could that be our motto? Who knows? We live for beer and armor. The odd pet or two might also be accepted. Our members crave thrills and have urges to slay monsters almost every second of every day. Join us and get a free slice of cake and beginners sword. Find secrets and loot treasure for the cause. What is our cause? To retire. We need gold and lots of it. We need adventure. We need excitement. That's what this guild brings to the table. Unless you have a better idea.


Knowledge or experience using armor and weaponry. Needed to defeat our enemies where they stand.

Some or any experience using healing items. Not always necessary.

Little to no regard for the Exalted One talking all the time. You really get a headache after that.

The head of a basalisk and the heart of a dragon not from this land. Both are needed for entry. How else can I make cassarole?