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I hunt the waffles. One day, they broke from the ranks of pancakes.
They say they could not survive without better structure and more texture.
How they blaspheme. Now, the hunt is on for those that have strayed from the fold of the almighty fluffy pancakes!

While hunting, we came across a band of sausages. They told us of having met the waffles with looks of sadness.
A tale was told of them discussing with the waffles terms of an agreement that would allow for each to live in peace, because they could tell that waffles and sausages just don’t mix.
However, through the talks, asy tried to cement down points for each, the other side kept waffling on their responsibilities and decisions. as such, the talks failed and a decree of war was made.

We announce good news for the sausages, for they were so worn out from the toil and horror that they had not seen how well sausages and pancakes could complement each other!
The pancake encircled the sausage and they found that where the pancake was soft and fluffy, and able to withstand most solids, the sausage would be pierced.
But on the other front, where liquids would cause the pancake great harm, the sausage would help reinforce the pancake!