Cuirassiers Leporidae

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There was a timid knock on the door.

"What?" yawped the ruddy captain. "What in the name of Gurnifenx's hoo-hah do you want?"

The door creaked open and a young nobody shoved its face into the captain's sloppy chamber. "Beggin' yer pardon, Cap. Some o' the fellers was askin'... what's a cuirassier? Mary Bubble-Poppins were sayin' it sounded dirty."

"Well it ain't!" shrieked the captain, irrelevant paperwork exploding upward, outward, and every-which-wayward. "It means 'knight,' or something along those lines. An' before you open your scraggle-toothed yap about leporidae, that one means 'rabbit' or 'hare.'"

The scraggle-toothed face nodded in acknowledgment, if not true understanding. "Yessir, yessir, uh huh, yessir," it said, pulling the shabby beggarwood door closed as it retreated.

A moment of perfect comedic timing passed, during which the captain made quite a show of regaining composure, before the door opened again, and the young nobody asked "So... that's make us the order of Bunny Knights? Is that right, sir? Because that might not be dirty, but it sure does sound stupid."

"GET OUT!!!" thundered the captain, as an invisible inkwell, pink furry handcuffs, and a rabbit-sized horseshoe hurtled across the office to crash into the expeditiously closed door.

"Aw fink you snaggled mah toof!" cried nobody from the hall.

"An' it ain't 'Bunny Knights' – that would be stupid," muttered the captain. "It's 'Them Knights Wot Ride Upon Giant Hares'. Perfectly respectable, that."