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Crimson Butterfly is a guild based on the guilds Jade Butterfly and Broken Dreams. Carena's hero, Katani, also received a jade butterfly during her troubles. She was told by her goddess to shed one drop of blood on the butterfly. So she did, and then, it changed from a brilliant green to a deep, glowing red.


Crimson Butterfly is a guild made from the guilds Jade Butterfly and Broken Dreams. Look, if you see my profile and my hero is evil, that's just because I want to kill monsters faster. I have good intentions. Anyways, I'm Carena, and my hero, Katani, created this guild after she also received a jade butterfly, but she was told to shed one drop of blood on it. After she did so, the butterfly changed from a brilliant green to a deep, blood red.


At the time, Katani was sent on one of the hardest missions ever made: to build a real rocket and go to the moon. She had to go into the deepest, darkest corners of her brain, learn the dark art of science, and actually use technology! This was not a task for the weak. Halfway through this task, she had lost everything except her goddess. Carena gave her the butterfly to heal her destroyed spirit, and give her back what was lost. Now, back to the beginning. After she did what she was told, all she could see was a blinding red fury. The butterfly is still with her to this day, protecting her from all enemies. After that experience, she knew that she needed to repay both her goddess and the butterfly, so she decided to make the guild in their honor.


First of all, you can get a lottery box every month, made by yours truly (forget about that, that submission wasn't accepted), and you can get weapons for free, and the best health care money can buy (also free).

Guild Hall

A spell was cast on the inside of the guild hall, so the actual look is unknown. It could look like a shack for all we know. Really, the guild hall looks like whatever you want it to be. And of course, we have beer. Some of the best beer in the world. Also, we have a gym, with the same spell cast upon it. But in this room, we take the saying "What you see is what you get" to another level. Whatever equipment you see is what you can use. Just so you know, you should probably go into the hall with high expectations so it doesn't look crappy.


First of all, this is not a section full of random stuff. Well, maybe it is. Anyway, we accept good heroes or bad heroes that have good intentions, like I do sometimes. You should know how to join already, since you're probably looking at all the guild profiles. Just in case you don't and this is the first guild you looked at (If that's right, you're a smart kid. Or adult. I don't wanna know how old you are.), type in "Join 'Crimson Butterfly' guild" when you are in town or idle. And trust me when I say that it works best when your hero(ine) just finished a quest. We also hope to join forces with Jade Butterfly and Broken Dreams. Please tell your guild leaders to contact me about this ASAP. Peace! ★♪♥