Crazed Fangirls

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Snape, Snape, Severus Snape.

It's a dam Percy Jackson thing, OK?

I volunteer as tribute!

If you regularly say any of the above, it is most likely that you are a fan of a fandom. If your regularly say all of the above, it is most likely you are a Crazy Fangirl.

These girls talk non-stop all day about their favputie fandoms. They discuss who they ship. They post theories on the internet. They read fanfiction. They write fanfiction. They read books or watch movies. The scream when they see an actor or actress that played in the movie. They can be annoying at times.

Still, you can't blame them. It's in their blood.

The founder of this amazing guild was Johanna Collins, the amazing heroin of the amazing goddess Aqua Blubini. Legend says that Aqua Blubini is a Crazed Fangirl herself, which lead to her telling her heroin to create the 'Crazed Fangirl' guild. Of course, that is all a legend, and probably not true (wink, wink)

May the odds be every in your favor!


(The creator of this page was Aqua Blubini, but some other people might have intruded and edited it. If you are one of those people, thank you for correcting my grammatical mistakes. That is what you did, right? RIGHT?!)