Corsairs of Umbar

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Corsairs of Umbar
Alignment: neutral
Date Founded: January 2015
Membership Count: 50
Guild Page: Corsairs of Umbar 
Data current as of October 2016



We are the Corsairs of Umbar!

Our home is the sea.

Our ships are our fortresses.

The Crew is our Family.

Be afraid of us!

We fear nothing!


About us

Our grandfathers and grandmothers were sisters and brothers and after years of reproduction a bunch of small misbehaving pirates created a group called Corsairs of Umbar. We are a folk of shipbuilding intellectuals (as the wise of Harquik (a small village near Kloktoll) told us) and travel the seas for months. Our capitol is Rabmu, pride of all the brave pirates of Umbar. Others say Sriasroc is the capitol but since there are no pirates at all (inland town - buhuuu!!) it is just mental deficiency of all the so called academics (buuuuuhuuuu again).

And of course ,typical for a World Power, we created our own language called "Umbarsh"

For example:

Hello <=> Wgahah

Bye <=> WAAAARHHGAGAGAAHAHHHHA (we don't like quitters or cowards)

Umbar has a very beautiful landscape too!

What we do

We plunder everything and collect it on our ships. Especially popular are decals and swam tattoos!

Also we are dedicated in our charity Association "The remains of inbreeding grandparents" (donations welcome!)

Why we need you

You are just as good in godwiki-articles editing as we are? Join us!

You want a guild council full of many misspelled stupid pirate sentences? Join us!

Aw man I don't have enough time to complete the wiki on my own... Just join us