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Equipment of Godville
Cool sunglasses
Worn 🧢Head
Durability +30
Description Just about as cool as you can possibly get. Wear with caution. May cause swag.

A pair of Cool sunglasses let a hero see the vulnerability of his enemies, making them a fearsome tool in a scrap with most monsters.

Made of durable rubber frames and plastic, they will last longer than regular sunglasses. They are a powerful tool because not only do they grant a hero situational awareness (something most heroes sorely lack), but they also increase their wearer's speed, strength, agility, and brain power (not that that's saying much) to normal levels.

Having this item will give the hero the capability to take out any rival guild influence in towns, gaining influence just based on their appearance, but on average, heroes still aren't that smart, so it'll take more than some sunglasses to help with that.

Heroes are seen wearing them just before finishing a remark in their diary, followed by a feral scream of "YEAAAAA" directed to their God and Goddesses before promptly being attacked by a monster or smited. There is a chance of background music occurring, reminiscent of a boat ride along a beach under siege.

It is also said to occasionally block and deflect smites from their God and Goddesses as well as glares from traders and townsfolk maintaining town influence when encouraged in town.


There are no warranties for actual coolness. Lenses may pop out from time to time. Even with just a dab of minimal brainpower, they can be popped and locked back in the frames.