Continuum transfunctioner

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Continuum Transfunctioner ready for transformation!

Type: Activatable Artifact

The Continuum Transfunctioner is an artifact of great power and great mystery. Its power is exceeded only by its mystery, and strangely, its mystery is exceeded only by its power. The Continuum Transfunctioner is all that stands between the universe and completely violent destruction.

Where the Continuum Transfunctioner was constructed, and how it got to Godville are part of the mysteriousness of this item. It is rumored to attract alien life forms who seek to control its random powers. It has two forms, the first as a puzzle cube unsolvable to all but the most genius of creatures. A highly intelligent member of the icthyo sapien race tried for 3 decades, and was only able to solve 2 sides. Most heroes try for a few minutes or so, and then just end up banging the sucker on a rock to open it. (Gordian Knot approach FTW!)

Its second form is that of a mechanical sphere. It is in this form that all of its mysterious power, and powerful mysteriousness is revealed.

The possible effects of the Continuum Transfunctioner may have include:

  • Gain/Lose money
  • Gain/lose experience
  • Gain/lose gold bricks
  • Reduce/increase death count
  • Nothing (you lose the item and godpower though)
  • Activation of the Photon Accelerator Annihilation Beam, causing the destruction of any nearby super-hot-giant-aliens (bad)
  • Destruction of the entire universe (worse)
  • Banishment to a mythical plane of hell called "Hoboken, New Jersey" (worst)

Instructions for use

This item can affect your hero in some random way. (requires 50% of godpower)

Your Hero may feel a desire to solve (or most likely) disassemble the Continuum Transfunctioner.

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