Continental Drifter

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Strong Monsters of Godville
Continental Drifter
Continental Drifter.jpg
Strong Monster
Class Elemental
Habitat The land itself
Description Large mass of land

The Continental Drifter is a monster rumored to have the power of moving continents.

Long ago, each of his steps could cause coastlines to sink into the ocean, and new mountains to erupt, but now he can only move each part of the earth some millimeters per year, as he himself has slowly drifted apart, creating many smaller, weaker Continental Drifters, leaving the original much smaller, only around the size of a small tavern.

Once upon a time, the Continental Drifter was merciful and did not kill heroes; instead making them promise never to hurt any of its kind again. But after he drifted apart, one of his ‘children’ was brutally smashed apart by a drunk group of party goers. The Continental Drifter, who was nearby, saw this and flew into a great rage, crashing the party and killing all the passed out heroes and heroines. Then he smashed the tavern. Since then, the Continental Drifter and hero-kind have been at odds with each other.

The original Drifter has since gone into a deep slumber somewhere, slowly gathering strength by eating at the land of Godville, but his fragments still roam the earth looking for heroes to kill and taverns to smash.



  • Immovable, and unstoppable
  • Intimidates/angers heroes with stories of all the taverns they crushed
  • The Original is slowly gaining strength and is rumored to have grown to the size of a temple


  • Moves very slowly
  • When defeated, has a chance it’ll fall into the hero, crushing them
  • Mostly active during earthquakes, although a large party of heroes with rideable pets will also attract their attention
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