Confess love to a snowgirl

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Confess love to a snowgirl
Difficulty: 8/10

There are two things to get straight before we look at how difficult this quest is. First, heroes are stupid and are some of the most cowardly beings in Godville. As a result they struggle to find words easily and get so embarrassed that they freeze with fear.

Secondly, a snowgirl isn't a pile of three balls of ice stacked on top of each other with a face made from a carrot and some stones and wearing fluffy a pink hat, scarf and a pair of gloves. A snowgirl is in fact a nickname given to this being, who is really the daughter of an ice queen. Snowgirls can control anything cold and can freeze anything they want for one hour, just by touching it. They are also bipolar which can be a problem so to successfully complete the quest the hero needs to:

1) Summon up the courage not to run away.

2) Pre-memorize what he is going to say.

3) Catch her when she is is a good mood.

4) Stay far away enough so they can't be touched and frozen.

The quest is only considered "completed" when the hero has spoken with the snowgirl, hasn't been frozen and the girl has said she admires his love. This usually takes 1/2-3/4 of a day

Tip: Snowgirls admire persistence so if at first you don't succeed, try again. You are more likely to succeed with each attempt. It takes most heroes three goes to properly succeed.