Complexity ovda Superior

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Complexity ovda Superior is hard to describe in just a few words, phrases and sentences. We are complex, we are superior, and we never give up.

Member Count: Over 9000

Unity Pantheon: 45!

Guild Personality: Humane except for all the wicked ones.

Founded: At Hooters.

Overall Guild Rank: Master

Mission Statement: We strive to be successful. Numerous people join our guild everyday and we will welcome them with open arms. We want to be in the Top 10 for Unity. We want everyone to aim for Pure Goodness! We all want to reach the Cardinal rank. We will remain active and checking on our hero(ine)'s well being. We all want our temples built to the top. How do we get there you ask? Join this guild and you'll see. We're making it happen. Complexity ovda Superior for the win.