Companions of the Nine

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Companions of the Nine
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Keep it simple through our might. Kyote [1] Companions of the Nine [2]

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Companions of the Nine live to fight for the Light, following the philosophies passed down from the heavens. The Nine protects all who follow their tenets: Honor the fight with nobility; respect your soul with compassion for all sentient beings; enforce individual creativity through breathing; guide potential weaknesses into great power; display might over the darkness of fear; create joy through humor and care; be champions for the weak; and above all else: Assist fellow Companions.

We strive to stand as examples to all of Godville to bring these tenets to action. Our goal is to teach the innocent and represent all that is great by being outstanding heroes and heroines. We seek out evil, who find us their bane, although we strive not to punish or destroy. We live to serve, protect, and guide for the well being of others. We may walk quiet, but may we leave a mighty mark.

Understand: There is great freedom in these tenets. With freedom comes responsibility, and each Companion is a representative who reflects our trusted guild. Conduct that does not reflect the tenets and what we stand for may result in restrictions. Be free and have fun, and remember that we stand for the best our capacity can display.

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