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    The Colors! guild was originally planned by the God of cereal himself, Fruitloop800.  This was the beginning of a small group of heroes who wanted nothing but to promote the art of drawing through the Colors! application.  There really is not a whole lot besides that because the guild is only comprised of three other Gods whom are also a part of the Colors! community.  The guild is accessible to all who have had great adventures and shenanigans on that glorious app.
    The main purpose for this guild's existence is to bring those who love the Colors! app and the "art" of art.  If one wishes to join they must go through many trials and tribulations, much like you would if you were to join any other guild really, to obtain the honor of becoming a member of this rather miscellaneous guild.  If one does become part of the guild it will be most likely that you will be wanted to be found on Colors! as well, so it is good to have a similar if not identical name to your online username that you use on the Colors! app as well.