Coffee Mugger

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Monsters of Godville
Coffee Mugger
Capulus clepta
Coffee mugger by Amrutha the immortal.jpg
Class Unknown
Habitat Near coffee fields, coffee shops, and coffee makers
Totem for Knights of the Coffee Table ⚜️ 
Description Steals coffee for the greater good

The Coffee Mugger(Capulus clepta) is a coffee enthusiast criminal cup monster. It steals coffee beans from those who wish to monopolize coffee for themselves. After taking its share from the loot, it then distributes the rest to those who are in dire need of caffeine. Whatever is left would be given to townsfolk to share its passion for coffee to the public.



Nobody is sure how the Coffee Mugger came to exist. Some speculate that it mutated from radiation. Some say that it is a failed experiment by lazy wizards who wish to create a self-brewing coffee cup. This experiment was said to have failed because of the laziness of said wizards.

There is also a rumor related to the latter theory. It is said that the lazy wizards have assistants that they neglect and keep working for hours on research. These assistants rely on their meager salary and free experimental coffee to feed their families. They worked continuously with only caffeine to keep them awake. By the time they were able to produce results, the lazy wizards have moved on from their coffee cravings to the new milk tea craze. The assistants are said to have resigned and taken their research, promising to make the neglected project profitable.

While milk tea was the new public craze, many coffee-loving nobles took the opportunity to monopolize coffee and make it a luxury product, making it hard for the poor (ex)assistants to continue their research.

Nobody knows what happened to them after that. The researchers stopped leaving their makeshift lab. And that's that.

The Coffee Muggers' existence was noted after said events.

The Drunk and the Thief

A drunk hero once literally stumbled upon a Coffee Mugger raiding a coffee bean storage. The hero thought it would be his best death yet, as he would die after partying in a warehouse of something fragrant, and collapsed, out of drunkenness or fear, he won't say.

He woke up in a weird place, thinking that he died (again), but soon realized that death doesn't cause hangovers. Beside his makeshift bed was a cup of freshly-brewed coffee. The scent cleared his mind, so he decided to drink it. His senses cleared up and his hangover wasn't as bad as before. What a wonderful drink! He never thought that any other drink would be worthy of him.

As he was going back to the city, the scent of coffee made its presence known. There, he saw the weird monster that didn't kill him last night. He followed it, thinking it was going to steal again. But that was not the case; it was giving the loot away. It throws bags of coffee beans to stumbling drunkard heroes and heroines, some hitting said hero/ines, but even then, it was clearly not attacking them. The Coffee Mugger also leaves some bags in front of houses it passes by.

The hero followed the monster until the sack its loot was gone. He followed it even after that. Nearing the Coffee Mugger's lair, it confronted the hero, ready to attack. The hero then explained that he only wanted to thank the Coffee Mugger and was awed at the monster's generosity. The monster froze with a weird expression on it's face. Having said what he wanted to, the hero internally thanked his Deity and fled.

The hero returned to the city and began a new quest, removing the incident from his mind. After he finished said quest, he celebrated by partying after selling all of his loot. The next day, he woke up after being hit in the face by a bag thrown from outside his window. It was a bag of coffee beans.

Guild and Totem

The hero decided to create a guild that would appreciate coffee and its (hangover cure) benefits. He then named it Knights of the Coffee Table. This guild would be a group that would gather after partying and share a pot of coffee, or two. They made the Coffee Mugger their totem monster as it was the one that shared the pleasure of the dark beverage with them.

Somehow, the Coffee Muggers knew that this guild was an ally and doesn't attack them. They share their loots to cities under the influence of the guild.

The guild and their totem monster continue to take down factions that seek to monopolize coffee and share its pleasures with everyone.



  • Stealthy; can infiltrate buildings and steal coffee
  • Intelligent and has great memory; knows which people need caffeine boosts and can differentiate coffee allies and coffee foes
  • Would rampage if their personal share of coffee was stolen
  • Generous
  • Great aim; 90% of coffee bag "deliveries" hit target's face


  • Too reliant on caffeine boosts
  • Would have caffeine withdrawal after a day without coffee
  • Rampage has limited time and would require immediate caffeine intake afterwards
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