Cod of War

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Monsters of Godville
Cod of War
Gadus proelium
Class Fish
Habitat Rivers, Ponds and Rainy Battlefields
Description A fish brandishing many scary (but useless) weapons.

The Cod of War (Gadus proelium) is a monster which is usually the lone survivor of an incredibly epic battle scene which the hero has just missed. Interestingly some are actually salmon, but most heroes are to stupid to tell the difference.

Whenever there is a rainy battle, a Cod of War will show up to take part in the festivities, there are never any survivors, so nobody knows how it fights. When a hero finds one it is always after one of these battles, because they spend most of their time in water, and as a result, they are much tireder than before and easier to defeat, even for a hero.



  • They are very slippery and difficult to grab
  • Their weapons, while just for show, are very good at scaring heroes
  • Heroes don't want to touch them because they smell like ur mem


  • They dry out after too long on land
  • Their armour rusts in water
  • They are delicious served with lemon