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Founded on March 6, 2013 by our fearless leader Diablo.

In the early 1990's, Club Fu was a nifty hang out for adventurers that felt the need to pay homage to their brave founder Pooty.

There were several brave adventurers that donned the Great Halls, among them, the deft rangers Vonkid, Yankeecub, Hilladar and Narz. The paladin Durgadin and the necromancer Zrai.

This guild was so powerful, no monster or weirdo stood a chance! They were the modern day court of King Arthur.

Our leader Diablo, will definitely carry on the legacy of monster slaying and tavern hopping to keep his liver enlarged for his Goddess....will your liver be brave enough to join us? If not, then FU! We won't need ya if you're yeller!