Cliff of Unrequited Love

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Geography of Godville
Cliff of Unrequited Love
Description Cursed High Cliffs

The Cliff of Unrequited Love is one of the gloomier places in Godville. The place is cold, desolate, and silent. There is hardly anything there, giving a lonely feeling to Heroes. The Cliff is said to make even the happiest of heroes depressed to the point of atheism. Even Pets have been known to run away. This all goes back to the curse that was laid on the land. Let's take a look, shall we?


Back in the Golden Age of Godville, the Jagged Peaks were the rage among hardcore ski fans. People went to the Peaks to race each other and hold contests. Many also went there on dates as the view from the top was, and is, breathtaking. There was some guy that decided to take his lady friend there to propose. He was all glad with his ring and his tux and his spit-shined shoes and whatnot. So he took her to the top, where the brisk, chilly air would blow on your face and there was hardly any sounds in the area. The man got on his knee, took out the ring , and said the magic words. She stared at him, stood up, walked off, and was never seen again. The man was so heartbroken, he vowed to have revenge. He built a hut on that very cliff and stayed on the peaks. Seeing many couples get hitched made him ever crankier than ever before, so he used a spell to spread his feelings across the land. Ever since, any person within 10 miles of the Cliff starts feeling an empty space in their heart. They get more depressed the closer to the hut they get. Some have even commited suicide.


The Cliff is located on the eastern side of the tallest peak in the Jagged Peaks. It is right near the top, giving a bird's-eye view of the entire land. The hut still stands to this day.

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