Civil Serpent

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Monsters of Godville
Civil Serpent
Serpens virens “Civensis”
Class Dragonlike-creature
Habitat Swamps, villages, alphabet agencies.
Description A serpent with civilist-behaviour.

The Civil Serpent (Serpens virens “Civensis”) is a monster that is a functionary of the imagined political system. It will chase you, then chase you some more for the sheer sake of making your life more complicated than it already is.


Theorized to be a symbiotic organism with the Bureau-cat, the Civil Serpent is adept with ticker tape and internal memoranda. It breeds everywhere that big government rules the land.

Its weapon of choice is a clipboard, with which to whack the unfortunate heroine who encounters it. Beware of lethal paper cuts and the threat to report offenders to a supervisor.



  • Thick skin.
  • Black belt proficiency in tae-clipboard-do.


  • Red letters.
  • Red tape.
  • The color red in general.
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