Chocolate Elemental

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Monsters of Godville
Chocolate Elemental
Elementus Chocolatus
The Chocolate Elemental often looks this terrifying.
Class Spirit, Elemental
Habitat Marketplaces, Carnivals, Candy Stores
Description Elemental made of Chocolate

Chocolate Elemental is a monster that is literally made out of chocolate. It has no defined shape but its body consists of at least fifty pounds of many kinds of chocolate.

General Information

The Chocolate Elemental came to be because a gluttonous and arrogant king with a sweet tooth managed to get hold of a genie lamp and summon a genie. The king, after nearly annoying the genie for a few hours straight, asked as his first wish to have a being created that could literally create chocolate. And so, the genie, in order to grant the king's wish and to make sure he didn't have to grant the king's second and third wishes, changed himself into an sentient fifty pound chocolate cube that could liquify and solidify. It can also generate chocolate out of thin air, absorb chocolate to become even bigger and stronger, and create another chocolate elemental by removing ten pounds of chocolate from its body, as well as hover/fly. It has also been known to liquify or solidify only part of its body, depending on the kind of attack it wants to perform.

However, this meant he was no longer a genie and did not have the ability to grant wishes anymore. This made the Chocolate Elemental and the gluttonous king get into a bitter argument until the latter was force-fed chocolate to death. After killing the king, the Chocolate Elemental created an army smaller, ten pound chocolate elementals, and ordered them to punish or kill the most gluttonous people on the entire planet with the power of sweets.



  • Can become solid or liquid
  • Impossible to eat entirely by one person
  • Can create chocolate
  • Can absorb chocolate, making it bigger and deadlier
  • Ability to hover


  • A large group people
  • Intense sunlight makes it only able to be liquid
  • Not as powerful as it thinks it is
  • Less motivated to kill the hero if the hero isn't gluttonous
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