Character Assassin

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Monsters of Godville
Character Assassin
Character sicarius
Class Toon
Habitat Travels for work
Totem for Rise of Evil ⚜️ 
Description Hood pulled low

A Character Assassin (Character sicarius) is a monster that usually travels by means of stealth and will stop at nothing to sink his dagger hilt deep into the hero(ine).

This monster has been created much like hero/ines, except it is drawn by an artist. Whereas hero/ines are created by their Gods to be their personal champions, Character Assassin's are created to carry out murder contracts. They are especially good for this line of work because they have no ties to any humans besides their artist creator and the person paying for the hit.

The Character Assassin has two strategies: to kill from afar using poison darts and arrows or the element of surprise in close quarters. Poison is its friend so any wound sustained in combat with the monster could be infected with an unknown deadly substance. Watch out for the assassin's hidden and tainted blade!



  • Very stealthy
  • Cunning
  • Poison coated weapons
  • Disarmingly cute


  • Erasers
  • Being in a place with no shadows
  • A smart hero (unlikely)

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