Champions of Chaos

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Champions of Chaos Unite

Greetings. You seem to have lost your way, Traveler; or perhaps the God/Goddess you serve led you here. Do not fear. Be ye chosen or simply lost, be ye meek or bold, young or old, come! Be lost no more, for we are the Champions of Chaos, and we seek brethren to help us confront the chaos in the wilderness and towns we travel.

We are a small clan as of now, but with your courage and blade (or a stick and a skill for running away. We don't judge), we will tame the beasts, bolster our reputation, and line our purses. We stand strong together; run for our lives together; share our knowledge and resources with each other, and help correct each other's diaries. Don't be fooled by our former reputation. We are Champions! We fight ! We drink ! We spar and laugh, and live as merrily as those jolly folks in tights with their wee arrows! Join us ! Find the Champion inside of you !

Let Champions of Chaos reign for eternity!

To join us simply tell your hero to "join Champions of Chaos guild" if join does not work try enroll. You must be level 12. Instruct him/her when he/she is not in town and not fighting monsters.