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Monsters of Godville
Censores fideli cerer
Class Humanoid
Habitat Abandoned towers
Death Rattle You won't remember me...
Description A faceless hooded humanoid holding a staff

The Censorcerer (Censores fideli cerer) is a monster that is thought to be a human sorcerer adept at manipulation of memories.

Not much is known about Censorcerers. Heroes and heroines who claim to have beaten a Censorcerer have their memories of the Censorcerer wiped off them and teleported to a random location in Godville, not remembering even where the Censorcerer lives, only realizing it after seeing a Censorcerer's ring in their inventories. Censorcerers are speculated to not leave their abandoned towers except for buying groceries. Cashiers who serve a Censorcerer describe them as being faceless and wearing hoods, though this might not be reliable given the Censorcerer's power to wipe memories. Attempts to follow a Censorcerer ends up with the follower waking to his senses in a random location within Godville. Civilians are advised to be wary if they ever see a Censorcerer, though they might not remember it.



  • Ability to wipe memories
  • General sorcery (speculative)


  • Susceptible to cold (speculative based on it wearing a hood most of the time)