Cecilia Deadlocke

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Cecilia Deadlocke
Champion of the Goddess: Saya Hoffen
Personality: Rash
Gender: Female
Motto: Nam Fides Et Victoria!
Guild: Sweet Dreams
Pet Type: firefox
Pet Name: Chewy
Favorite Town: Healiopolis
Most Hated Monster: Thesaurus Rex
Personal Rival: Neil Hamilton

Cecilia Deadlocke is a girl who becomes the personal heroine of a goddess named Saya Hoffen. However in contrast to what people would expect to be a prodigy, she is a rather dumb individual who spends her time drinking and doing reckless things. Many wonder why Cecilia is Saya's chosen one.


Goddess Saya Hoffen decided to visit the town of Unsettlement on the dawn of an unusually chilly day of October 25, 3455 g.e., where she found a young, little human girl lying on a cold dirt pathway, the child looked no older than the age of four. Seeing the poor soul freezing to death, the goddess used her powers to warm up the girl has decided to raise the child as her own.

Saya named the child, Cecilia Deadlocke and decided to make the girl her own personal heroine.


Cecilia has a rash nature and tends to act feral in some occasions, which makes her end up causing or getting in trouble. To make matters worse, she's dull-witted, which would explain her poor choices during her adventures. However, what lies beneath her dumbness, is an astonishingly strong loyalty to her goddess. Thanks to Saya's constant encouragement and blessings she gives to her heroine, Cecilia becomes devoted to serve her and swears to not let anyone insult her Luminous One's name. So jokes on you when you talk nasty about her deity.


Cecilia is a brawns over brains type of hero, which although she may not be intelligent, she shows great physical strength. Her most commonly used skill is called Elbow Bite, of which she uses to slay monsters and rip off one of their arms if possible. Thanks to this skill Cecilia develops a jaw and teeth strong enough to break down iron.