Cave of the Weak-Witted Oracle

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Geography of Godville
Cave of the Weak-Witted Oracle
Description Unknown

Thousands of metres above the Limestone Labyrinth, in the middle of the largest desert in all the realms, lies a sinkhole hidden among the sands. Though technically part of the Limestone Labyrinth, the Cave of the Weak-Witted Oracle is only accessible by this small sinkhole opening in an unspecified location. Heroes occasionally stumble upon it and fall in. A Hero thus finding himself at the bottom of the sinkhole, after navigating a series of tunnels, reaches a huge cavern. In this cavern rests a ruined altar from times of old which still pipes out volcanic smoke. The cavern floor is covered with the remains of heroes who died of starvation or inhaled too much of the sulfurous haze.

Within the smoke, legends say, lurks the Weak-Witted Oracle, who frustrates trapped Heroes with prophecies of their imminent doom in the form of knock-knock jokes.

This cave was previously designated 'A26' by the Godville Geographical Society.

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