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A template is a page created explicitly for transclusion — the process of including the contents of one page within another page. Any page can be transcluded, but templates are designed specifically for that purpose, usually for repetitive material that might need to show up on any number of articles or pages. They are commonly used for boilerplate messages, standard warnings or notices, infoboxes, navigational boxes and similar.

Below is the list of templates, many originally written by GodSpode , and some borrowed from The Other Wiki.

To request a template for a specific purpose, leave a message on the talk page.

It is best if these templates are edited by users with some experience, as a change to a widely-used template can change of break a very large number of Godwiki pages. If you would like to try fooling around with templates and editing them in a safe way that won't impact the rest of the Godwiki, feel free to create and use your own private Sandbox page, where you can paste code from any template and mess with it any way you like without worrying. You can also use the Special:ExpandTemplates page to test out any templates, sandboxes, parameters, or wiki code you wish.

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