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In this category you will find monsters that have conflicting subtypes set in their {{Monster}} infobox.

The table below shows what combinations of types are and aren't valid for a monster.

✔️ Valid combination; ❌ Invalid combination
Strong Totem Pet Boss Beastie
Strong N/A ✔️
Totem N/A
Pet ✔️ N/A
Boss N/A
Beastie N/A
The same information as an Euler diagram. Click to enlarge.

If any monster has a combination marked with an ❌ in the above table, it will be automatically categorised here. Idealy, this category will be empty; if it is not, please investigate what conflicting parameters were set. This is most often an incorrectly set |totem= or |strong= parameter.

This category currently contains no pages or media.