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Boss-Monsters of Godville
Ctenocephalides catastropha
Class Insect
Habitat Disaster sites
Description A bug worse than the mosquito
Death Rattle Everything's going to ruin!
Artifact Bug attractant spray
Boss Type 1-Ability Dungeon

The Catastroflea (Ctenocephalides catastropha) is a boss-monster. It is a 3 ft. tall flea that has bloodshot compound eyes and attracts unwanted guests.

It usually lives near post-disaster sites, ranging from near volcanoes to occasionally, where heroes have been severely punished by their gods. It has developed a hard shell, making it resistant to sharp things, but not to clubs, insults and the wrath of gods. It's a pretty big pest to kill.



  • Summons locusts and mosquitoes
  • Slight mastery of radiokinesis
  • Intoxicates heroes


  • Doesn't like water
  • Nice insects (Bees, butterflies, etc.)
  • Weak in cold environments

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